FirstEnergy Substation Project Information

Staff Report of Investigation - Case #12-1727-EL-BSB (click here to download pdf document)

Links related to the Application for Substation (four parts):

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

This is the link (click here) to the Village's opposition to the application.

This is the second application that deals with the existing transmission corridors (two parts):

Part 1 Part 2

Letters of notification to the Chief Executive Officer and head(s) of each public agency for Bruce Mansfield-Glenwillow 345kV Transmission Line Project filed by C. Schraff (two parts):

Part 1 Part 2

Click on the following articles to read/download the PDF documents:

A Letter to Anthony Alexander, CEO of FirstEnergy Corporation

Important Update about the Proposed Substation in Glenwillow

Important Notice About Proposed Transmission Lines/Substation In Glenwillow

Information on a Proposed Major Utility Facility that may affect Glenwillow

Important Update Information About the Proposed Substation in Glenwillow

A list of Negotiations with FirstEnergy


FirstEnergy Substation

FirstEnergy Construction Update



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