Village Awarded Grant to Install Asphalt That Soaks Up Water

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded The Village of Glenwillow a Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) Grant in the amount of $53,358 to improve the parking lot in and around the Village’s Service Department garage located in our municipal complex.  The primary goal of the SWIF grant is to establish innovative stormwater management projects that demonstrate ways water quality can be improved , thereby helping to preserve and protect our local water resources.  The funding will be utilized to resurface 5,600 square feet of existing asphalt pavement and drain it to a 2000 square foot parking area comprised of porous asphalt that allows water to soak through.  This effort will promote the infiltration of stormwater runoff back into the ground…this is runoff that normally would be piped directly to a nearby watercourse.  The project will also include a specially designed turf swale that will treat runoff from the parking lot during significant rain events, and will also serve to remove pollutants from snowpile meltwater during winter months.  Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of Summer 2013.  Watch for additional updates throughout the project.

Click here to download the concept plan.



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